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Monday, April 4, 2016

Fan Letter: Neil Degrasse Tyson NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 3 draft poem

Please note: these poems are still a rough draft. April's goal is just to WRITE a poem a day - Editing and polishing is for later. :)

NaPoWriMo's Day 3 prompt is to write a fan letter to a celebrity. I'm not really one for "celebrities" - they are just people, most of whom I do NOt know or care to know. But if there is one I am a fan of ... it is Neil Degrasse Tyson. Yes - intelligence is sexy. And damn interesting! If I could just have an hour of time to talk to him, I would be heaven.

20160403 fan letter: neil degrasse tyson

today i walked through the neighborhood,
Hrubitz Hreaders
by CCWillow

down gravel side shoulders and sometimes sidewalks

past private universes that looked dark on a sunday afternoon
but sure to have primal matter swirling inside, squeals from unseen children

an untethered astronaut in a cherry tree abloom, i marveled
our tiny orbits around each other, the tug of gravity but pulled free

i discovered a new territory,, a park on the old cannery grounds
quirks swinging, riding bikes - parents lagging in their wake

tulips were flung out of their cases, azaleas’ burned with red & white heat
i mused how many waterbears inhabited such worlds

and then i chanced upon a lone satellite;, a small library shaped like birdhouse,
your book behind the tiny door. i see you've been doing some exploring too


he said/she said: 2016 PAD Poetry Challenge Day 2

Sideveiw by CC Willow

Nobody said that April wouldn't have it's uncomfortable moments. Typically it runs the gamut of experiences ...
2016 April's PAD Poetry Challenge Day 2's prompt was "he said, she said"ilding on the earlier "dysfuntional family"

he said
she said

it was my responsibility to make him stop
she always said i was to blame

i needed to come back to god - "it's the devil that leads democrats"
i needed to forgive for the sake of my own soul

deserved it - “the type of life” i live
the reason people crime, people sin, people die

lies, lies, lies
and yet i wonder

i ask myself “did i deserve this?”


Sunday, April 3, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 Day 2 draft poem

Yesterday's  NaNoWriMo Day 2, the prompt was to write a family portrait. My theme this month is poverty.

dysfunctional family

patriarch - you were meant to protect me, provide
you provided shame, self-doubt … blame

and you – my maternal figure, any nurturing
flowed the wrong direction, i was not your rival

and from you, my savior, i bought protection with my body

perhaps silence as well. definitely secrets.

and from you, vicious - truly the pus from our family branch -
Plum Tree by CC Willow

you provided bruises, insecurity, distrust. so many lies

and you, you are not in the picture much –
an unobservant playmate – a child still.  merely a boy

then there’s me – a child forcibly made
a woman too early – i hid in closets, under beds

and lastly, a baby sister to protect
too precious for me. too innocent.


Saturday, April 2, 2016

Foolishness: 2016 PA Poetry Challenge Day 1

So I shared my response to NaPoWriMo's Day 1 prompt - let me now share yesterday's response  (just a draft) to Robert Lee Brewer's Writers Digest 2016 Poetry Challenge.
Again, my theme is poverty (nope not planned, just evolved that way; I follow where the poem leads)
And the prompt was to write a foolish poem ...


for 99 cents i can buy a peacock feather at the pet store
Peacock Feather
by CC Willow
and fill a month of evenings for my cat with foolishness;
i will have that eyed feather trembling before his prowess
fleeing his fearsome swipe of his paws
falling prey to his mighty jaw - it won't last a day,
but that bedraggled emerald feather will last a month
it's bent body shaking in the air,
behind a pillow, over a chair

for 99 cents, i will have that kitty jester transfixed
and dancing like fine fronds in the wind all evening
leading him on pixy-led chases across hardwood floors,
over upholstered couches and scattered cushions.
my giggles and his purrs shall fill the cottage
like warmth from a firelight,
my tom scampering away with his mouth full of won jade
and a skinny feather tail dragged between his legs:
a better date than a movie in the dark,
a better meal than a dinner out,
a better deal.

that 99 cents will fill a month of evenings
with precious foolishness, precious love -
joy and wanted attention for a small thing,
the ability to provide for me.
yes – let me buy some foolishness
needed attention
it will only take 99 cents.


Food Stamp Lune: April 1 NaPoWriMo Poem:

I am doing three Poem A Day prompts (PAD)  this April
1) National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo).
2) Robert Lee Brewer's Writer Digest April 2016 Poetry Challenge
3) POET's Poem Mash-Up (A poem created by the FB's POET community.
If I have a theme for the month - some lesson I am learning that must be shared - it is poverty. Or perhaps survival. Self-sufficiency. Discipline. Faith. Hopefully hope ... As with many bards, poets, writers, - witnesses - there is something about life/humanity to be learned here and relayed. I'm not looking for sympathy here, only understanding. there's a tale to be told here - There's the root humanity of it - just wanting to be understood. A poet is but a bard, a teller of stories and fables, lagendds and tragdies - Let's hope April will be "legend"

NapoWriMo's prompt for yesterday was to write a lune. This is a sort of English haiku-ish. While the haiku is a three-line poem with a 5-7-5 syllable count, the lune is a three-line poem with a 5-3-5 syllable count. There’s also a variant based on word-count, instead of syllable count, where the poem still has three lines, but the first line has five words, the second line has three words, and the third line has five words again.

I meant to post this earlier - but technical issues abounded. Keep in mind - these are DRAFTS ... (May is for polishing April's musings).

Food Stamps Ode

Laden bags hang down,
leaden arms;

shopping on the First.

We must plan a plan;
so we must
postpone feasting, wait;

If we are to last
until thirty
we must lie to hunger.

Mothers understand
leave carts half
empty, children wait.

I am not alone
Given Food
is debt in your hand ...
Add caption

"God said feed the poor"
never said
resent, despise them.

We despise ourself
"Hunger", "Lust"
these's our deadly sins.

One day, perhaps, I
will serve up
forgiveness, mercy

but today I need
to eat, drink -
be humble. Not proud.

April 1, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

April's Challenges ....

April's NaPoWriMo and Poem-A-Day Challenges are starting in two days. I am still looking for Sponsors & Patrons. If you are interested, please check out my Patreon page: Any amount is appreciated ... and I have other projects I am working on on this page as well. 

I lost my poetry/art-subsidizing job mid-December - the one that enabled me to pay the utilities and have food. Despite hitting the pavement - a big reason why you haven't heard form me lately -- I have not had much luck yet securing a 9to5 ... so I am starting to think outside the box.
One of my actions is to set up a page on Patreon
Patreon is a simple way to become a patron and assist me in developing a few income streams so I may become self-sufficient as a poet and artist. If you feel like being a patron or sponsor, any amount would help out!
You will get great rewards in return; from acknowledgements on my public pages to free chapbooks when they are released to other special perks. So please check out my Patreon page:

One of my goals is to consolidate my blogs onto Wordpress.

Another is to finally get some chapbooks completed to sell on Amazon and other book sites.

And no - I am not just looking for others to support me. This is a way for you to give me a helping hand. I am still doing much hustling to support myself. I have started eSelling and am working at diversifying that. Still job-hunting. Still selling what I can (art & possessions) to pay the bills. But there is a tradition of patronage for art and bards - and I am now not too proud to consider utilizing it.
Let's face it - as awesome as I am in a professional office - I was born a Poet. It's who I am! I started at age eight and have been going strong since.

Future Patron perks may include a guaranteed alibi for any future infraction you commit – I know some of you scoundrels will need one of those in your life-time!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Over Sylvia

Ariel's Sylvia Plath
A response to Sylvia Plath's Ariel

Over Sylvia*

today, ariel rides sylvia
pulling her down to earth
brown hair colored auburn
children raised
blackberries savored

death was never an option to go
the fantasies of suicide
deceiving that pain can sidestep
even her death is just a sleeping
the others carry on

our voices continue, swell
building line upon layer
the insatiable desire
to live will brook no breath of death
sabotage the mind if necessary

london horses will take whatever life
they are doled out
pleasure or labor
whatever their training
they are content to just exist

ariel is over thirty
over sylvia
over the self-destruction
yet still lost in the landscape
of sylvia’s mind

Feb 8, 2011