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Friday, February 1, 2013

Ocean Lullaby

Ocean Lullaby

Resentfully, I pull smooth the wrinkled sheets
Then cross my empty arms across my breast.
In the silvery light
The mechanical swing beats a hypnotic measure
As it cradles my son in it’s seat.
He looks like a doll, frozen in the endless rhythm,
A mild look of wonder in his sleepy eyes.
Slowly I reach over and turn on the tape.
Now the bass Melody of the Ocean
Blends with the beat.
In the dusky light
I watch the strange duet perform its spell;
Reluctant eyes follow the nodding head.
Silently I slide out of bed
And gently raise my child,
Lying him by my side
Until, his head pillowed by my arm
His small legs draped over one of mine
We lay, my body half curled around his.
His soft breath replaces the beat of the swing
Counter-pointed by the tiny snores
As the Ocean plays; sleep, little Tavis Bear,
And sing your lullaby for Mommy.

June 1990
Taft Bay, Lincoln City by CC Willow

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