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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Shipping List - recent

Checklist: Shipping List

1.      sticky dots the size of wishes to stick on everything
2.       time that slid through my fingers and ran away to the playground.
3.       all the words offered to me, steamed and stewed and covered with basil.
4.       heat and sleep limited to one side of the bed, where you were, where I want to be
5.       or maybe that warm secure place, as Heather* said, between your chestbone and your clavicle.
6.       see, I don't want to wake up to somebody else' packaged music and words. I want yours.
7.       warming me, filling that predawn, post dreaming cranium with your tenor syllables.
8.       the us we have before we truly awake, before reality sits in, current situations.
9.      candy sweet pour of your skin nestled to mine
10.  time for bed is past approaching
11.  delivery is late; no one was home to sign
12.  I packed and unpacked all in a day
13.  and there is a camera in Coos Bay to worry about
14.  I want my thoughts to be stained glass at night
15.  a recliner that fits my diminutive size
16.  a dog that will follow simple commands
17.  a childhood dish that cooks security in a microwave
18.  the earth has too light a touch on me
19.  feel I could spin off with the lightest touch
20.  uneasy giddiness off looking over a cliff edge
21.  cats claws hooked on a pant’s leg
22.  in a jealous rage, Adele set fire to the rain
23.  in a raging hope, I set it free again
24.  a rhyme for children to jump rope to
25.  twosies that lead to threesies that lead to
26.  a rocking chair and a lullaby at night
27.  our song sung low in the candlelight
28.  sticky dots to place on anything the size of wishes
29.  there is a return address
30.  I play a symphony at midnight to summon dreams of you
31.  prep a glass to sip from
32.  a heating pad to warm my feet in
33.  degrees
Jan 29, 2013
Heather Parker's poem "Yesterday, ,Today"

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